Subways On The Sun debut new song 'Know It All'
Subways On The Sun debut new song 'Know It All'
Saturday, September 15, 2018 - 09:07
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Seattle, WA indie rockers Subways on the Sun are debuting "Know It All" another new song off their upcoming sophomore album 'Capsize,' out September 21st on Spartan Records. Check out the song below.

Frontman Erick Newbill says, "'Know It All' sums up a lot of what we were processing internally as we wrote songs for this album. While not isolated to this point in history, we live in a time were people are so polarized, convinced that what they think or feel is the only possible path. We are surrounded by strong opinions from individuals and groups that are unwilling to waver, most of us even being guilty of this ourselves at times. None of us truly know it all, and could benefit greatly from taking more time to listen to each other and find common ground instead of trying to drown each other out."