Stand Still's new single and video 'In My Blood' show love to the Long Island music scene
Stand Still's new single and video 'In My Blood' show love to the Long Island music scene
Thursday, May 23, 2024 - 10:13
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Stand Still have crafted ten songs of emotionally driven melodic hardcore on their upcoming debut full-length, Steps Ascending, set for release June 14th through DAZE and have now shared their latest single, “In My Blood.” The track is two and half minutes of pure energy, touting the importance of family and community in music. The accompanying video, directed by Tom Flynn, finds the band performing in a home that has hosted monumental moments in the Long Island music scene, including being where Taking Back Sunday’s video for “S’old” was shot. Stand Still’s clip features an impassioned performance filled with stage dives and sing alongs from friends including LIHC staples such as Pain of Truth, Koyo, Backtrack, King Nine, Victory Garden and more. 

Diving further into the song’s personal lyrics, vocalist Gerry Windus states: “My family is the reason I'm so invested in music. My dad played in bands his whole life and taught me how to play guitar and sing at an early age. My sister was going to LIHC shows while I was still picking my nose and riding my bike. Without them, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing today without a doubt.”

Formed in 2020, Stand Still launched with their EP, A Practice In Patience, in 2021, followed by the highly praised In A Moment’s Notice in 2022. For Steps Ascending, the band spent over a year spending weekends traveling to Silver Bullet Studios in Connecticut to record, produce, and perfect the album with Greg Thomas before sending off for mastering with by Kris Crummett at Interlace Audio. The song structures are bright, weaved with moody lyrics and  bouncy breakdowns that can be expected to hit hard in a live setting.