The Speakeasy debut new single 'Bright Side'
The Speakeasy debut new single 'Bright Side'
Thursday, January 26, 2023 - 16:37
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Montreal's The Speakeasy has shared their brand new track. "Bright Side" is The Speakeasy's new mantra and a hint of what's to come from one of Montreal Punk's finest.

Led by Karl Bullets with his distinctive gravel-throated voice tone, the band caught everyone by surprise in 2019 when revealing the music video for “Death Sentence.” The same year saw the release of their debut EP “Tales From The Moonshiner Part One: Death Sentence”, with songs like “The Night of the Living Dead” and “Death Sentence” quickly becoming fan favorites.

In 2020, The Speakeasy joined Thousand Islands Records releasing a new EP entitled “Tales from the Moonshiner Part Two: Requiem”. which spawned the single “Sunday Blues.”