Spanish Love Songs releases video for new single 'Losers'
Spanish Love Songs releases video for new single 'Losers'
Saturday, April 13, 2019 - 14:37
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Five-piece punk band Spanish Love Songs have signed with Pure Noise Records. To celebrate, they've released a new single and video entitled "Losers."

On signing with Pure Noise Records, the lead vocalist and guitarist Dylan Slocum shares, "We never expected to make it this far and have people actually care about what we do, and moving forward we decided we just wanted to work with good people. From our very first meeting, I could tell that the folks at Pure Noise were just that. They're fans foremost, and it didn't take them long to sell us on their vision and make us comfortable with trying to make this something bigger. As a longtime admirer of what they do, I still can't believe they wanted to work with us. But here we are."

Slocum continues, "Weirdly, 'Losers' has become my unexpected farewell to Los Angeles. I've lived here for a decade, but after spending half of last year on the road, trying not to lose money, then coming back to $800+ rent and working 3 part-time jobs to cover it, things started feeling a bit bleak. At one point I basically said the chorus aloud to my parents (who were less than thrilled), and thought 'maybe I shouldn't be living this way.' By the time it comes out, I think half of the band won't have any permanent address. So it's both a farewell and recognition of the things holding us back, but also a bittersweet acknowledgment that we're all in on being losers forever."