Slow Crush release 'Reel' 7"
Slow Crush release 'Reel' 7"
Saturday, April 4, 2020 - 11:24
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Belgium's shoegazers Slow Crush released a new 2-track 7"  yesterday via Holy Roar Records. Following on from the bands 2018 debut full-length 'Aurora' and 2019 reissue of their EP 'Ease', the band are putting out two of their most enveloping tracks yet in the form of 'Reel' and 'Pale Skin' - each masterfully capturing Slow Crush's signature warm and driving sound.

Vocalist Isa Holliday about the release:

"We headed into the studio in between tours with the intention of preparing for recording album number 2. Releasing these tracks wasn’t our main goal but we were so happy with the result that we didn’t want to hold off sharing them with the public. The drums were recorded by Jens Wauters at Larsson Studio (who also did the final mastering).

We paid more attention to vocal melodies and harmonies with ‘Reel' and ‘Pale Skin', bringing the vocals a bit more to the front. The guitars, still heavy and layered for days, have been given more space than on ‘Aurora'. With the trusty pounding rhythm section, the ethereal gloomy Slow Crush sound is complete.

The lyrics on both tracks share the pain of withdrawal, the trials and tribulations we face when coming to terms with the need for change in order to step away from addictions, habits or behaviours that cause us harm. Whether it be something as plainly obvious as the need to recover from alcohol or substance abuse or a habit that appears so socially accepted that you may not even realise it is taking control and limiting your potential. What I think I’m trying to say is, be kind to yourself and look out for one another.

The B-side, ‘Pale Skin' is heavily inspired by the amazing Deafcult.

With this 7”, we wanted to give something back and have chosen to donate part of the proceeds to a few local charities that support the less fortunate and their fight against poverty.

The first charity is DoucheFLUX who seek to restore people's energy, dignity and self-esteem, so that they can start rebuilding their own future by escaping homelessness or avoiding a return to it.

The second, BruZelle, helps collect and distribute sanitary towels as well as raising awareness, communicating and educating about menstrual poverty – having to make the choice between general basic necessities, to survive, over menstrual protection."