Ship Thieves share first song off upcoming new album
Ship Thieves share first song off upcoming new album
Friday, February 12, 2021 - 20:36
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Ship Thieves not only just released a new song on a split with Reconciler, they have now also shared the first song off their upcoming full-length, Irruption, due March 12 via The Bouncing Souls' Chunksaah Records. Check out lead single "He Lost His Head" below.

"'He Lost His Head' was one of the last songs written for the album," says Chris. "It’s one about one of the various 'characters' that come and go through the album. A man that, out of fairness, I won’t name. But this man became so disenchanted by various lies and conspiracies that he eventually became unhinged from reality. He could not find it in himself to believe in anything but the most basic facts. Everywhere he looked, he saw lies. And he was never quiet about it. He ended up extremely alienated and mocked, which only deepened the mania. And eventually it just consumed him."

"But here’s what got me," Chris continues, "he was ALWAYS SMILING. A weird, wild, big ol’ smile. All the time. Like a hyena watching the sunset or something. Totally unhinged."