SHIIVA release video for new single 'TTG'
SHIIVA release video for new single 'TTG'
Tuesday, June 14, 2022 - 20:57
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Antelope Valley, CA hardcore punk rock band SHIIVA has released its new single “TTG”, on all platforms via Wiretap Records. The song appears on the band's upcoming EP “Cyclone” out on August 12th.

The band says, “SHIIVA is a band that does its best to embody as many emotions as possible through instruments, symbolism and especially lyrics. "TTG" (Trained To Go) is no exception. The song sonically sounds like hanging out with your friends on a summer night. The story conveys what true love through peril looks like, as well as what a partnership truly accomplish as shown as in the music video. From its explosive melodies to its jock heavy chants, this song harnesses the great energy of SHIIVA.”

SHIIVA is a hardcore punk band from Lancaster, California formed in 2020 out of current & former members of local bands ( Life for a Life, The Downsides, Captain Smooth Talk & All Eyez ). The band is inspired by their surroundings as well as 90s punk & 80s hardcore. Formed in January 2020, SHIIVA recorded and self-released their debut EP GROOV(E). Upon release, the band began periodically releasing music videos for songs like H(A)PPY, GROOV(E) & STOMP which helped cultivate a local buzz while live music went away during COVID. In 2021 the band recruited drummer Jimmy of Los Mangos. As shows slowly returned, the band started playing all over California, gaining a rep for their brief, chaotic, fun-filled performances. SHIIVA ended 2021 by releasing “Night After Night” which featured two new versions of their song NIGHTS from GROOV(E). Going into 2022 the band received some positive press as Punk Black featured them on their “Bands to Watch in 2022” list, while Discovered Magazine included them in their “Class of 2021.” In February 2022 the group announced its signing with Los Angeles-based Wiretap Records. The new EP 'Cyclone' will be released later this summer.