Sanderlings release new single along with Jawbreaker cover
Wednesday, December 13, 2017 - 22:33
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Sanderlings is the musical project of longtime DIY musician Woody Locke. A four-piece ocean-themed pop-punk band out of Santa Barbara, CA, they started humbly as a solo project with Woody releasing a home-recorded EP in May 2016 and a 7" vinyl in November of that year.

Sanderlings just released a new single, "Lizard's Mouth Feeling," along with a cover of Jawbreaker's "Kiss The Bottle" and another track titled "Net Cast Wide," which you can all stream below.

Sanderlings is writing an open letter to the secret wildness we find ourselves in on late nights out and lazy dazed afternoons. Finding a balance of outer restlessness and inner quiet with a pulse that is as steady as the tide. Recently they went in to record at Hidden City Studios with Elliott Lanam who has worked with big-name acts such as Depeche Mode and Don Smith (producer of Rolling Stones, Tom Petty & Bob Dylan) to record a selection of songs that will be released on their debut full-length album due to be released May 2018. "Lizard's Mouth Feeling" will appear on the album.