Rotten Mind's Released New Video For "Damaged State Of Mind"
Monday, February 15, 2016 - 17:18
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Stumbled upon this beauty! Rotten Mind is a swedish band that's been around for just one year. It's always great to discover new bands!

Noisey streamed this vid with this feed 

"It doesn't matter who or where you are - sometimes you've got to just let go of it all and stop giving a fuck. This is very much the state of mind Rotten Mind leaves you in with their latest video for "Damaged State of Mind". It's a liberating cocktail of rebellion, an explosive twist of youthful energy and a double shot of straight up IDGAF-vibes, that'll turn your lows into highs and make your highs even higher.


Despite the Uppsala-based Swedish punkers' relative obscurity, they've been firmly gripping the Scandinavian post-punk scene by its balls since they dropped their first-ever album I'm Alone Even With You on September 25th of last year, on which "Damaged State of Mind" is a single. They're (endearingly) filthy garage punks in every sense of the word, from the raw shredding and spitting of lyrics that makes up their sound, to the homage paid to timeless Dazed and Confused-esque teenage dirtbag-ism through the comfortably DIY aesthetics of the music video, which is even real, random footage from Rotten Mind's 2015 tour pieced together. Punk might still actually be alive, and it's all just very refreshing, in a carefree-flip-of-the-middle-finger kind of way.

So if you've come this far looking for something to bang your head to - "Damaged State of Mind" is definitely worth the concussion."

I couldn't have said it better