Riverboat Gamblers cover Ramones & Motörhead for new 7"
Riverboat Gamblers cover Ramones & Motörhead for new 7"
Thursday, April 29, 2021 - 19:06
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Texas punk rockers Riverboat Gamblers will release a new 7" vinyl record titled "RAMOTORHEAD," featuring covers of Ramones and Motörhead tracks, on May 7th with Anxious & Angry Records (pre-order). Check out their cover of "Bonzo Goes To Bitburg," featuring backing vocals from CJ Ramone, below.

Commenting on the song, vocalist Mike Wiebe states:

"We had a limited time with our drummer Ian Walling in town and put the session together as a way to give ourselves an unnecessary deadline to break the pandemic monotony.  Really we just wanted a reason to see how bad each of us look after 9 months of degradation.  We've always loved this song and a lot of those 80's era Ramones songs with a touch of new wave in them.  Ian Mcdougall, Rob and Ian Walling have a band called Broken Gold that did a few weeks on the road with CJ Ramone a few years ago and it was really kind of an after thought that we would reach out to him.  They had been buds since the tour but that's kind of an ask and we totally didn't expect him to say yes.  I can't tell you how giggly I got to hear his back ups on this song.  That thing where 14 year old me as well as current year old me where high fiving.