Rival Schools announce 'United By Fate' Deluxe Reissue - due Out Fall 2022 via Run For Cover Records
Rival Schools announce 'United By Fate' Deluxe Reissue - due Out Fall 2022 via Run For Cover Records
Wednesday, August 17, 2022 - 12:00
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Rival Schools have teamed with Run For Cover Records for a 20th anniversary deluxe reissue of their legendary debut full-length, United By Fate. With the standard edition/digital due out October 28th and the deluxe/collectors editions in-stores in time for RSD Black Friday on November 25th, this re-release of United By Fate offers a chance to rediscover one of the most impressive and influential post-hardcore albums of all time.

Featuring a lineup of NYHC greats--guitarist/vocalist Walter Schreifels (Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today Quicksand), drummer Sammy Siegler (Youth of Today, Judge, CIV), bassist Cache Tolman (Iceburn, Institute) and Ian Love (Burn, Atlantic/Pacific)--Rival Schools' 2001 debut is a post-hardcore masterpiece that managed to seamlessly blend the sheer kinetic energy of aggressive music with deeply melodic rock songwriting. Not only is the album packed with untouchably catchy and innovative songs, it also solidified Schreifels legacy as a trailblazer and created a blueprint that allowed many younger musicians in hardcore to feel comfortable with allowing themselves to grow and change creatively.

To mark the announcement Rival Schools have shared a new version of United By Fate standout, "Holding Sand." Recorded by Schreifels, the acoustic take strips off the distortion and churning bass of the original to reveal the expert song-craft that has always been at the core of the musician's storied career.


 United By Fate Deluxe Edition provides something for both longtime fans and those looking to discover this important album for the first time. In addition to the original 13 songs (all remastered for vinyl) the release includes every official United By Fate b-side, all of the Rival Schools tracks from their split with Onelinedrawing (never before released on vinyl), and the new take on "Holding Sand." The 23 total songs sound just as vibrant and essential today as they did over 20 years ago when they first came out. And for the ultimate fans, the collectors edition of the reissue is housed in a hard-cover linen case with stamped lettering, holding a hardcover sixty-four page book that includes handwritten lyrics and never-before-seen photos from the band’s personal archives.