OFF! release 'Time Will Come' / 'L' video ahead of feature film debut
OFF! release 'Time Will Come' / 'L' video ahead of feature film debut
Wednesday, January 18, 2023 - 21:16
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Late last year OFF!, the hardcore supergroup helmed by Keith Morris (Circle Jerks, ex-Black Flag) and Dimitri Coats (ex-Burning Brides), announced Free LSD, a feature film written and directed in parallel with their first new full-length in eight years. Ahead of the film’s premiere next week as the closing selection at the 29th Slamdance Film Festival the group have shared a new music video for two of the album’s songs “Time Will Come” and “L.”

Composed of footage from the film, the video acts as a preview to the feature, unveiling a pivotal narrative moment in which the band enter a laboratory to compose music that holds the key to awakening human consciousness. The video includes appearances from a wide swath of the film’s cast, including Jack Black, Keith Morris, Dimitri Coats, Autry Fulbright II, James Duval, Angelo Moore (Fishbone), Sydnie Mancini, Bree Essrig, Zander Schloss (Circle Jerks), Cody Renee Cameron, Nathaniel Moore, and the recently departed D.H. Peligro (Dead Kennedys). The new short was preceded by videos for the songs “War Above Los Angeles” and “Kill To Be Heard,” both of which also featured footage from the feature, delineating the controlled chaos of the album’s frenzied sound while hinting at the film’s broad ambitions.