Refused share 'Economy of Death'
Refused share 'Economy of Death'
Friday, October 11, 2019 - 13:40
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Refused have shared the new song and video for "Economy of Death". The song appears on the new album War Music, out October 18 via Spinefarm/Search & Destroy.

"Economy of Death" is a master class in the specific type of songcraft that has made the Swedes one the most respected and celebrated bands of their generation. It contains one of their most punishing riffs and one of their most tender moments in its four-minute running time. Sharp as a shard of glass and blunt as a wrench to the temple, with echoes of German speed metal and the snarl of early punk, this mesmerizing tour de force will make the week-long wait for the record unbearable.

The song represents is a band at the peak of its power, capturing the paranoid madness of the present moment like no other artist working today, like a metal Don DeLillo or a The Who on steroids with a handsome Slavoj Zizek on vocals. "It's only a mushroom cloud away," vocalist Dennis Lyxzén declares, and if you want to know the alternative to this doomsday scenario, stay tuned for War Music, which includes a fanzine elaborating their vision for a better tomorrow.