Real Sickies release new single 'Love Is For Lovers'
Real Sickies release new single 'Love Is For Lovers'
Friday, June 25, 2021 - 18:46
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Edmonton’s preeminent power-pop, party-anthem punkers Real Sickies have just dropped their latest offering of tunage for your summertime listening pleasure. “Love is for Lovers” is the second single and title track of their forthcoming album on Stomp Records (pre-order). Recorded in Edmonton at Rob Lawless’ Physics Lab Studios, the album offers songs that straddle the border between Ramones style aggression and Strokes reminiscent vocal takes. Due out on July 9th, this color-vinyl release includes everything from explosive rockers to heart-wrenching ballads.

Lyrically the album is a collection of stories about life on tour, wins and falls between friendships and relationships, growth, steps backward, addictions, and moments of sobriety. Singer Ben Disaster describes the theme of the album as “working through the ups and downs with those you love with the overall view that love is for everyone not just what is stated by outdated laws and beliefs.” Regarding the title track “Love is for Lovers” specifically, Ben explains, “I really wanted to address some homophobic comments left on some of our videos by a specific individual. So funny to troll people about that, who are very open ended, so it was finally time to address that and the politics around love.”