PREMIERE: The Wind-Ups share video for new single 'Drinking Bleach'
PREMIERE: The Wind-Ups share video for new single 'Drinking Bleach'
Thursday, July 15, 2021 - 12:09
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Remember when Trump hadn't quite yet leveled up to leading full-blown insurrections and simply stuck to things like suggesting that drinking bleach might cure Covid? Yeah, those were the days when you could still laugh it off like you would when your drunk uncle made a fool of himself again at a family gathering where nobody wants to be around him after 7pm.

Anyway, drinking bleach isn't a good idea. Here to remind you of that little nugget of wisdom is Northern California's The Wind-Ups with their video for the song 'Drinking Bleach,' which you can check out below. Clocking in at just under 80 seconds, 'Drinking Bleach' is a lo-fi scorcher so dirty that even a gallon of the titular fluid couldn't clean it.

Born out of Covid boredom and armed with a freshly acquired TASCAM 388, the fully realized bedroom project of Jake Sprecher (Terry Malts, Smokescreens, Jonathan Richman) comes out swinging on debut EP 'Try Not To Think' with a burst of lo-fi punk rock n' roll that veteran Infrasonic mastering tech Dave Gardner (Black Lips, King Khan) calls "one of the loudest records [he's] ever worked on." It might remind you of The Saints, The Ramones or The Spits, but if you listen a little longer, you're sure to pick up on an unabashed power pop backbone that sources influence from the Modern Lovers, Paul Collins' Beat, The Shoes, and so on.

'Try Not To Think' will be out on Aug 21 via Mt.St.Mtn. The first pressing is on clear and green splatter vinyl. The album will be distributed worldwide by Revolver USA and Cargo UK.