PREMIERE: Stream Finland’s Custody new album ‘ll’ in full
PREMIERE: Stream Finland’s Custody new album ‘ll’ in full
Wednesday, March 11, 2020 - 18:57
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We are very excited to stream Custody’s second album in full!! ‘II’ will be out on March 27 via Shield Recordings (pre-order), Brassneck Records (pre-order) and Combat Rock Industry (pre-order). Or you can get your copy directly from the band here.

To be honest... when I think of Finnish music, I think of symphonic metal like Nightwish, extreme metal like Impaled Nazarene or black metal complete with blastbeats and lyrics that are like something something Satan. What I do not usually think of, is the kind of warm and fuzzy melodic punk rock that Custody dishes out. Think of the best that Samiam and Get Up Kids have to offer and then combine it.

After touring together in several other bands, Custody was born in 2015 with a common goal of writing and recording pop punk tunes. Within months of formation, ‘Stitches Are All We Have / Miles Apart,’ a 2-song 7” was released to much acclaim. The following year saw the release of another 7” which was met with even greater acclaim.

The band’s debut full length came out in 2018 which also saw them tour in Europe and the USA playing club shows and festivals alike – Booze Cruise in Hamburg and The Fest in Gainesville to name a few. 2019 saw the band slow their touring schedule to concentrate on album number 2 but they still managed to visit Punk Rock Holiday in Slovenia and Feel Good Fest in Russia.

The second album was finally tracked over 5 days with Teemu Aalto in Kotka Finland in September 2019. The album sees a bit of a departure in sound and song writing with even bolder, bigger choruses and harmonies forming the backbone of the 10 melodic short stories which chronicle the difficulties of everyday life.

Tour dates:


June 5 Luton UK @ Luton Underground
June 6 MATINEE: Stoke-On-Trent UK @ Pilgrim's Pit
June 6 LATE SHOW: Stockport UK @ Blossoms
June 7 Dundee UK @ Conroy's Basement
June 8 Northwich UK @ The Salty Dog
June 9 Margate UK @ Elsewhere Store
June 10 Metz, FR @ SLP Metz
June 11 Bonn DE @ BLA
June 12 Hamburg, DE @ Booze Cruise
June 13 Hamburg, DE @ Booze Cruise
June 14 Hamburg, DE @ Booze Cruise