PREMIERE: Rob Lanterman shares acoustic cover of Dido's 'Thank You'
PREMIERE: Rob Lanterman shares acoustic cover of Dido's 'Thank You'
Monday, March 8, 2021 - 15:30
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We are very happy to premiere Rob Lanterman's acoustic cover of 'Thank You,' the Dido song that was first featured on the 'Sliding Doors' soundtrack and then went on to become the biggest hit on the singer's 1999 debut album. When Rob Lanterman isn't playing music or running Hidden Home Records, he is hard at work planning his next move. Something that becomes obvious right away when looking at the picture.

About his song choice, Rob had this to say: "I've done the punker-guy-with-acoustic-guitar thing for like 10 years now. When I started, I wanted to prove that I could hold my own with 4 or 5 person bands and not just be another acoustic opener. So I would cover bands like NOFX to be “one of the punx” or whatever. Now that I’m older and very mature, I realize that NOFX sucks and covering Dido is way better."

The song is taken off the upcoming 4-way split between Rob and fellow Boise, ID singer-songwriters Dennis Jagard (Ten Foot Pole), Sef Idle  (False Idle) and Russ Worstell (Upinatem, Shrug Dealer). The split will contain two new original tracks from each artist as well as a cover song.

'Acoustic Split' will be out April 8 on vinyl via People of Punk Rock Records, on CD via Simpul Records and on tape via Rob's own label, Hidden Home Records.