PREMIERE: Reveries share new single 'Easy To Breathe'
PREMIERE: Reveries share new single 'Easy To Breathe'
Monday, March 1, 2021 - 11:40
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We are excited to premiere 'Easy To Breathe,' the new single by noisy shoegazers, Reveries. Lyrically, 'Easy To Breathe' deals with the feeling of helplessness and the ensuing anxiety that threatens to pull you under. The song itself is propelled forward by a powerful rhythm section while both the hazy vocals and melancholy-drenched guitars shimmer, shine and crush in a constant ebb and flow that washes over you. The song is taken off the band's upcoming 4-song EP, 'To Find Me Again,' out March 5 on Cardigan Records (pre-order).

About 'Easy To Breathe':

“Easy To Breathe” is a song about the opposite of the title. With lyrics co-written by Jonathan and Jesse, this song is two perspectives of the same issue, that being the feeling of helplessness, overwhelm, anxiety, and depression. 

While the verses are personal, we hope for the chorus to be universally relatable, with the theme of finding (healthy) relief and balance with help from those we hold dear.  Be it a life partner, your child, a parent, a sibling, a pet, a friend, what have you. 

The continual ups and downs of the lyrics leave the song ending on an unresolved manner, this is reflective of the real ups and downs we all have as living beings and there is no magic wand to achieve and maintain a healthy brain. It takes constant awareness and work and mental health is not linear.”

 Reveries is a Pacific Northwest based project originating in the heart of wine country of Walla Walla, Washington. Reveries has been loosely categorized as Shoegaze, Post-Rock, and  alternative by many critics, reviewers, and fans alike.

Reveries was initially started between founding members, Jonathan Avila and Jesse Flores, as just something to pass the time and maybe book a few local club and winery gigs to exercise their creative outlets.

As the writing continued, and with difficulties in finding other members, the duo took time to reflect on the project as a whole.  They decided to quit chasing down such a specific demographic and just start writing what comes naturally.  In doing so, the sound of Reveries shot off into a totally different direction.  Avila and Flores soon after, recruited Ryan Cuillier and Jose Zaragoza just a couple short months before their debut house-show gig in May 2017. The freshly formed 4-piece then sat down to record a demo which was later released as their Self-Titled EP, "Reveries" that emerged in April of 2018.

"Reveries" grabbed the attention of many within the Shoegaze and Dreampop community.  Achieving play time on many respectable blogs and radio stations. The Self-Titled EP was successful for Reveries and eventually led to them signing on with Cardigan Records in early 2019. 

With the signing, Cuillier left to pursue other interests.  And in the final days of 2019, Shawn Stalberger joined Reveries and went on to write and record for the upcoming, sophomore EP, To Find Me Again, releasing on 3/5/2021.