PREMIERE: No Win (FIDLAR) share video for new single 'Hit The Line'
PREMIERE: No Win (FIDLAR) share video for new single 'Hit The Line'
Tuesday, July 19, 2022 - 08:49
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Los Angeles alt-rock band NO WIN is back with a new single, ‘Hit The Line’. The danceable indie rock tune is filled with a chunky bass supporting peppy piano chords and soaring melodies and is accompanied by a fun-filled retro karaoke-style video, which you can watch below. This new track comes off the band’s forthcoming LP, Dodger Stadium (due August 19 via Dangerbird).

Said Danny Nogueiras (formerly of FIDLAR) on their newest single: "'Hit The Line' was written by me and two friends (Jeff Enzor, David Jerkovich). We all brought our own meanings and interpretations to the table but I think the song is ultimately about being that unreliable person hurting someone you love. We tried to juxtapose that feeling against a fun dance-y track that felt like a party."

Under the moniker NO WIN, Danny Nogueiras blurs the lines between power pop, punk, and good old fashioned rock and roll. He grew up playing music as a kid, so it’s been in his blood his whole life. But it wasn’t until he moved to Long Beach in 2008 that his passion started to resemble a career.

After moving from the suburbs into LA proper, Noguerias cut his teeth recording bands in makeshift spots around the city. He has toured with and engineered projects by bands like Built To Spill, The Regrettes, Together Pangea, Little Joy, and many more. He founded NO WIN as a solo act in 2015, after the dissolution of a former band he’d been playing in. “I started NO WIN as a way to write songs, put them out, and not think about it,” he says. “My music sounded lofi and I owned a studio. It was more about getting the material down.” It wasn’t until Noguerias signed the project to the legendary LA label Dangerbird that he started to take NO WIN more seriously.

NO WIN’s 2019 debut, downey, found Nogueiras fully embracing his rocker background. With its energetic arrangements and hooky songwriting, the record presented 29 minutes of leather clad, sweaty energy. The project’s latest, Dodger Stadium, builds on that formula, but fleshes it out with increased complexity.

Dodger Stadium came to life early in the pandemic, and themes of political dissatisfaction, confusion, and societal angst peak through on the album. The horror of the Trump Administration and the uncertainty of COVID put Nogueiras in a weird headspace. However, instead of letting that negativity manifest itself as gloom, he inadvertently found himself making art as a way to boost morale. “The studio became a safe haven and it felt really good to express things and explore things here (Balboa) that were, like, ‘fuck yeah! This feels fun, this feels good, this feels happy!’,” Noguerias says when asked about the things going on in his life that shaped his work. It’s this overt sense of optimism that makes the record so exciting and memorable.

With its understated-but-palpable ambition, Dodger Stadium captures the sound of NO WIN effortlessly taking things to the next level.