PREMIERE: Night Court share video for new single 'Fractions'
PREMIERE: Night Court share video for new single 'Fractions'
Monday, November 22, 2021 - 17:47
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We are very excited to premiere the video for Night Court’s new single, ‘Fractions’. Think of the lo-fi badassery of Marked Men mixed with the general awesomeness of a band like Jawbreaker and you are staring Night Court right in the eye. ‘Fractions’ is taken off the Vancouver-based band’s (ft. members of Pet Blessings, Jiffy Marker and Autogramm!) upcoming album ‘Nervous Birds! One,’ which will be out Dec 3 on Snappy Little Numbers (pre-order) and Canada’s Debt Offensive Records (pre-order).

The band had the following to say about the song and the video:

Emilor:  ”When the time came to make a video for 'Fractions', the mathematical / geometric themes of the lyrics reminded me of some footage I had shot from the van on a tour in the north east of the U.S. years ago, I think it's in New Jersey. After I finally found it on the video camera's SD card, we got to work. Jiffy had just shown me how he can superimpose animated drawings on top of video footage so we brainstormed some ideas. After a few hours of inhaling marker fumes with questionable posture we had a video!”

Dave: ”Musically, Fractions was originally two songs that never really worked. Reducing them to one brought out the best of both. Do the math (or that’s math?)”

Jiffy: ”A lot of our lyrics are just totally random, off the cuff, how-about-this, Google Wikipedia type ideas but this one is a love song for my wife. I mean you can’t write 30 songs without at least one love song right?”

Written and recorded by the band in April-July 2020, ‘Nervous Birds! One’ represents the first half of the Nervous Birds! duology and lights the fuse for Night Court’s breakout explosion onto the scene. Striking a wild balance between embracing the spirit of inspiration and abandoning the strictures of inhibition, Night Court is set loose to draw new/glue repurposed maps over the post/pop/punk/lo-fi rock landscape.

(photo credit: Megan Magdalene)