PREMIERE: Lightweight release new EP 'The Next One's On You'
PREMIERE: Lightweight release new EP 'The Next One's On You'
Tuesday, March 28, 2023 - 20:35
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Sacramento, CA's Lightweight is back with the final release in their trio of EPs. The band’s new EP, entitled The Next One's On You, features four brand new tracks and will be self-released by the band on Friday, March 31st. But guess what? We are streaming the whole thing two days early! 

The quartet of tracks is pure Org Core perfection, sounding hauntingly familiar yet fresh with iconic gang vocals framed by swift yet bouncing melodies. The lyrics are pure Lightweight - relatable and timeless while never bordering on the trite or well worn. The band has breathed life back into gravely Pop Punk, giving a new lease on life.

The band had the following to say about the new release:

"No one can be certain where our paths will take us. Some work to guide themselves to a predetermined goal. Others take the back seat and let the world around them lead the way. But something we all have in common is that the moment in life when you knew something had to change. The Next One's On You is about that moment in your life when you couldn't take anymore so you redirected your trajectory and went headstrong into the fog of the unknown in search of a greener pasture."

While The Next One's On You fronts as an EP, when combined with the band's two previous EPs - This One's on Me (March 2022) and You Have To Promise (September 2022) - a stealth full-length is formed which addresses the topics of modern life, modern friendships, and the ability to grow and change as a person. 

The four-piece consists of lifelong friends who've been through everything together, from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows and every inch in between. And it shows. What pours out of them when united are chords that do not need to be taught and words that need to be spoken, just music that is understood almost immediately between themselves because the weight of their bond is anything but light.



The Next One's On You Track Listing:

  1. Uncertain Marigold
  2. I Should Know Better, Whatever
  3. Slam Drunk
  4. No Goodbyes