PREMIERE: Italy’s The Roozalepres share animated video for ‘Alien Television Show’
PREMIERE: Italy’s The Roozalepres share animated video for ‘Alien Television Show’
Wednesday, March 4, 2020 - 15:09
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We are excited to share the video for the new single by Italy’s The Roozalepres. ‘Alien Television Show’ is exactly the kind of song that you’d expect from this hard rocking band. Heavy riffs, pounding drums and plenty of rock ‘n roll action. If you love the overall grittiness of Nashville Pussy, are a sucker for the Ramones or like to rock out to Danko Jones, then you should probably check this one out.

The song is taken off the Roozalepres' self-titled album, which will be out on March 13th via Go Down Records (pre-order).

The band about the song:
"We chose this song, first of all because we like the idea of representing the meaning of the lyrics in a video and our friend Wötsu was certainly the RIGHT person to collaborate with. We knew she would have fun doing it. The song speaks about the violent act of playing songs itself, dictated by the desensibilization that all media impose to the masses, getting alienated and addicted to it. And the other reason why we chose this song, is that "Alien Television Show" is the first track we ever wrote as a band.“

Illustrator Wötsu about the video:
"The concept behind this video comes directly from the band. I asked Fabio if they had any idea how they liked the song to be "seen". We came up with the scenario of a family completely hypnotized by the gore and violence on TV, adding in the broadcast the band members themselves. We thought the natural consequence of this hypnosis was going to be the slaughtering amongst the members of the family. Even having a strong personal interest in cartoons, this video has been one of my first attempts in animation. For eight years, my main field has been drawing comics, illustrations and graphic arts, and it can clearly be seen by the style and coloring of the video. Despite not having much time or experience to work on the video, I'm pretty satisfied of how it came up, I took inspiration from some of the weirdest toons I've seen as a kid (Lupo the Butcher, Cow and Chicken, even some Simpsons' most brilliant moments), giving my best for The Roozalepres, who are first and foremost, friends."