PREMIERE: Her Head’s On Fire share new single 'Burn,' announce debut album
PREMIERE: Her Head’s On Fire share new single 'Burn,' announce debut album
Thursday, April 21, 2022 - 08:59
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2022 just got a whole lot better! We are premiering ‘Burn’, the new single by Her Head’s On Fire. Following their recent split 7” with J. Robbins, Her Head’s On Fire (featuring members of Saves The Day, Garrison, Small Brown Bike and The Bomb) is back with a complete rager that has holed up in that sweet spot between the melodic punk stylings of Samiam and the fuzzed up energy of Superchunk with a fair amount of Sense Field thrown in for good measure. Her Head’s On Fire also announced that their debut album, ‘College Rock & Clove Cigarettes,’ will be out July 29 on Iodine Recordings, including a limited cassette run from their partners at Friend Club Records. Pre-orders will be available as of tomorrow, April 22.

“Burn is the lead track off the LP we recorded in 2 days,” says vocalist Sid Jagger. “The lyrics are a sarcastic swipe at the feeling of inaction and inconsequence that seems to pervade our daily existence in my opinion. I want to feel motivated, I want to feel excited, I want to feel alive. Music gives me this feeling."

“Her Head's on Fire came together rather effortlessly,” continues Jagger. “The four of us, having spent decades traveling the world and playing basements to arenas, have a common language, a vocabulary with which to collaborate and create rock music that tries to embody the passion and joy we have for performing, for loud guitars, and for making people smile.”

Her Head’s On Fire is Sid Jagger (Garrison, Gay for Johnny Depp) on vocals, Jeff Dean (The Bomb) on guitar, Rodriogo Palma (Saves the Day) on bass and Jeff Gensterblum (Small Brown Bike) on drums.