PREMIERE: Good Shade share new song 'Credit Score'
PREMIERE: Good Shade share new song 'Credit Score'
Monday, February 11, 2019 - 10:22
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- by Tom Dumarey

We are very happy to premiere Good Shade’s new song, 'Credit Score'. It’s the latest song to be taken off the upcoming album, ‘Way Out,’ a tempo-varied collection of rock and pop numbers; each song consisting of unpredictable vocal melodies, bright Telecaster tone and spastic but warm drums progressions. The album will be out digitally and on vinyl this Friday via the almighty Dirtnap Records.

‘Way Out’ is already the fourth studio full-length by Columbus Ohio's Good Shade, a project led by Shane Natalie, who composes and records all instruments and vocals on the recorded albums but which features an array of Columbus musicians who help bring the project to life. The band's current touring lineup features Shane on guitar and vocals, Patrick Matanle (Toxic Womb, Puberty Wounds) on bass guitar and Chris Mengerink (Brat Curse) on drums and vocals.

Says Shane about the song:

"Credit Score starts off Side B of the new album with the notion that it's okay to make decisions that may let other people down. I get so worked up about disappointing people and so I feign smiling, being happy, laughing all the time etc. I've come to the realization, as late in the game as it may be, that I need to do what's right for me and I am going to do that by putting effort into the things and people that I care about and you know what? It's quite okay to feel rundown and emotionally exhausted."