PREMIERE: Fight Back Mountain share video/single 'For Lease Navidad'
PREMIERE: Fight Back Mountain share video/single ‘For Lease Navidad’
Wednesday, October 13, 2021 - 11:25
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We are happy to share the video for 'For Lease Navidad,' the new single by St. Louis based punk/grunge band Fight Back Mountain. It is taken off the band's upcoming album, “Lavender Sky,” due out October 15 via The Record Label (pre-order). The album comes off the heels of a string of singles that were released periodically throughout 2020 and 2021, the most recent, “Die Young,” which hit streaming platforms earlier this year. 

"For Lease Navidad" is a solid, four-to-the-floor pop punk jam about economic issues that a lot of people struggle with,” says the band. Although we wrote it before 2020, the issues that we talked about still ring true today, and might be even more prominent, as sad as that may be. The video was shot by Matt Yates, and we went for a bit of a Scott Pilgrim Versus The World type vibe. Enjoy!"

With driving energy, stick-in-your-head guitar riffs, thought-provoking lyrics, and frontman Adrian Barnello’s unmatched, trademark vocals, Fight Back Mountain will leave you humming their songs for days after just one spin. The band truly captured the energy of their live show on these recordings, and that was no easy task.

Here’s what Adrian has to say about the album:

“This album was a labor of love, recorded throughout the pandemic in 2020. I think we captured the nervous, anxious energy that we were all feeling at the time and still feel today, while still maintaining our catchy punk/grunge ethos. I’m most excited about getting the songs out there, hearing peoples’ reactions to the lyrics, and what the songs mean to them - that is what I love most about releasing music.”