PREMIERE: Debt Neglector shares "On The Brink"
Thursday, July 13, 2017 - 19:49
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We are very happy to bring you the premiere of "On The Brink" by Debt Neglector, the Orlando, FL based band consisting of Alex Goldfarb (Gatorface, No Friends, New Mexican Disaster Squad), Chris Pfister, Chris Kretzer and Zach Anderson.

Frontman Alex Goldfarb about "On The Brink":

"On the Brink is about watching someone close to you spiral out of control. It's about them using, manipulating, neglecting, or belittling everyone close to them until they're at the center of this tornado of destruction and emotional abuse. Ultimately it's about feeling paralyzed to do or say anything in fear of getting sucked up into it and making things worse."

The song is taken off the band's upcoming album "Atomicland", which finds the band racing through 12 tracks that are as fast and aggressive as they are catchy and melodic and deal with uplifting subjects such as anxiety, depression, paranoia and abuse.

"Atomicland" will be out August 18th via Smartpunk Records. You can pre-order the album here.