PREMIERE: Bi-Product share video for ‘Get Outta My Butt’
PREMIERE: Bi-Product share video for ‘Get Outta My Butt’
Wednesday, July 29, 2020 - 17:31
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We are happy to premiere ‘Get Outta My Butt,’ the latest single from California-via-Australia’s Bi-Product. Formed by Liv Roush and featuring members of The Overrides, Bi-Product is straight ahead punk rock from a ferocious woman's perspective.

The band's first album ‘Gun To A Knife Fight’ will be featured in the upcoming film ‘Wrong Reasons,’ which is directed by Liv’s husband and Bi-Product guitarist, Josh Roush. ‘Wrong Reasons’ tells the story of a Punk Rock singer named Kat Oden who gets kidnapped by someone whose motives are ambiguous. Moreover, it's an indictment of the 24 hour news-cycle and the sensationalism of today's journalism. Since it was beneficial for the movie if "Kat Oden" had real musical work, they got to work with ‘Gun To A Knife Fight’ as the result. 

The album comes out digitally July 31st, but will be available on a limited run of vinyl as well displaying "Kat Oden's" name instead of Bi-Product so they could be used as props in the movie.