PREMIERE : Bad Mannequins stream "I Hate You"
Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 14:11
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Channelling the late 70’s CBGB’s era of New York city’s punk rock scene, Glasgow two-piece Bad Mannequins are preparing to unveil their raucous sound to a new generation. Their debut EP Deny Til U Die Part I is set for release via Triple Denim on 2nd June 2017, but you can already listen to the song "I Hate You" today!

The first of a three part EP trilogy, Deny Til U Die Part I contains radio friendly tunes combined with a garage rock attitude, as Bad Mannequins press their steel toe capped boots firmly on the throats of modern music; melding an in your face punk rock sound with tongue in cheek lyrics, creating a fun, hook-laden four track record. Semi-autobiographical and aiming barbs at the music scene in general, Deny Til U Die Part I gives the sense of a band who don’t take themselves too seriously, without losing their ability to create highly technical garage rock tunes. Opening track and forthcoming single I Hate You, encapsulates everything that Bad Mannequins have to offer: killer riffs are accented by metronomic, pounding drum beats, fuzz-filled vocals are delivered at break neck speed and all rounded off neatly with the obligatory hand clap.

Lead vocalist/guitarist Ross Hamilton about the song: "I Hate You contains everything the human animal craves; vindictiveness, stupidity and gratuitous violence.”