PREMIERE: Acumen share new single 'She Lied'
PREMIERE: Acumen share new single 'She Lied'
Friday, January 12, 2024 - 08:38
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Carbondale, IL punk stalwarts Acumen are back with the follow-up to their debut record and… well, it’s a little different. ‘Mark VII’ (out Jan 26 on Rad Girlfriend Records) sees the band diverge from their typical punk roots and dive headfirst into a collection of covers of obscure 1960s gems. Today,  we are premiering ‘She Lied,’ originally by the Rockin’ Ramrods, a solid band name if there ever was one. Acumen has included their rendition of this iconic track on their album, showcasing their interpretation of the vibrant sound that defined the garage rock era.

""She Lied" is a classic '60's garage song known for its raw energy and catchy guitar riffs,” says the band’s Adam Fletcher. 

'Mark VII’ transcends the boundaries of time, offering a fresh perspective on some largely overlooked tracks that defined an era. The band's decision to delve into the rich archives of the 1960s reflects both their reverence for musical history and their innate ability to infuse punk energy into unexpected places.

The track list is a carefully curated selection of obscure songs, with each cover embodying Acumen's signature raw intensity. From garage rock to psychedelic ballads, the band fearlessly reimagines forgotten classics with their unmistakable punk fervor. The sonic palette of “Mark VIIl" is as eclectic as the era it pays homage to, showcasing Acumen's versatility as musicians. And don’t forget the two amazing original cuts!

‘Mark VII’ will be out January 26th on Rad Girlfriend Records. You can pre-order your copy here.

(photo credit: Victor Sanchez)