Pale Angels announce new album Daydreaming Blues
Friday, September 2, 2016 - 13:27
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Pale Angels are band based on the opposite sides of an ocean. Guitarist Michael Santostefano (from New Jersey, USA) and bassist Jamie Morrison (from Swansea, Wales) play hypnotic, blown out punk with the help of a few drumming friends on either side of the Atlantic.

Aeroplane is the opening track from their 3rd album Daydreaming Blues, due out 25th November on Specialist Subject Records (in the UK) and Recess Records (in the US).

"Aeroplane is about when you realise a relationship is just a temporary distraction, but neither of you want to face the music." - Jamie Morrison - Bassist / Vocalist

Produced by Ben Greenberg (Uniform / Hubble) at Strange Weather Studios in Brooklyn, NY. This is the third album Pale Angels have worked with Greenberg (2013 debut Primal Play and last year's Imaginary People), his lively, noisy production the perfect fit for Pale Angels' mix of garage punk, indie, grunge & pop.