Oso Oso release music video for 'Impossible Game'
Oso Oso release music video for 'Impossible Game'
Tuesday, July 16, 2019 - 12:03
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If 2016’s beloved 'The Yunahon Mixtape' found Oso Oso mastermind Jade Lilitri leaning more into the pessimistic side of his brain, their new album 'Basking In The Glow' is an experiment in its glass-half-full opposite. Over the course of 10 songs––some with surprise Grand Canyon-sized choruses (“The View” and “A Morning Song”), others more like a message on a bedroom tape recorder (“Intro” and “One Sick Plan”)––Jade tries to embrace the good, if only because he knows it won’t last very long.

The latest single off of basking in the glow, “impossible game,” tackles that looming dark that’s always on the horizon. “I got a glimpse of this feeling / I’m trying to stay in that lane” is Jade’s smoothest attempt to bargain with it, ethereally aware that his time in ‘the glow’ will soon be coming to an end.