Old Currents share sentimental new single 'The Glory'
Old Currents share sentimental new single 'The Glory'
Saturday, March 12, 2022 - 15:37
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New Jersey alt rockers Old Currents release the third single off their upcoming album, The Glory, The Defeat. With influences from ska to folk, the rock ballad, titled “The Glory,” is a unique blend of genres formulated into their own novel sound. Riddled with nostalgia, the wistful melody will take you away to a place that once was. Inspired by his mom, lead singer Jake Novak took to music to share how he has been able to overcome adversity with the life lessons from his upbringing. He said of the song’s sentimental lyrics about resilience:

“My mom didn’t have a great relationship with her first husband, and she always told me that she loves life so much now, that she’d go through the bad times again knowing it would put her on the path to the life she has now. While I haven’t gone through anything like she did, I love that attitude on life and I think there is a lot to be gained by having that mindset no matter what your struggle was. I love my life so much now, that I’d be willing to make the same mistakes again.”