The OBGMs release debut single "Torpedo"
Monday, June 5, 2017 - 18:46
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Canadian punk quartet The OBGMs have released their ferocious single 'Torpedo' today. This marks the first single off of the band's debut album to be released for the first time internationally later this summer by Black Box.

The OBGMs were formed in 2008 by Densil McFarlane (songwriter, guitar/vocals) and Colanthony Humphrey (drums/percussion) with Joe Brosnan (bass) and Jemuel Roberts (keys) joining later in 2011.
Unlike most rock band beginnings, the group first emerged as a rap trio in Toronto's thriving hip hop scene. Soon after discovering the world of punk music, songwriter / guitarist / vocalist Densil McFarlane began teaching himself guitar, determined to create a band that fused the lyrical creativity of his hip hop roots and the rowdy, raw energy of the punk rock underground.

Their debut album, mixed by the incomparable Dave Schiffman (The Bronx, Pup, and more,) will be out later this summer.