Never Say Die! Tour @ Trix this Saturday!
Tuesday, November 3, 2015 - 15:22
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Already have plans for this Saturday? Cancel them! Face it, you can play board games with your friends any day of the week, that movie you want to see will still be in theatres next week and your grandparents will still be alive on Sunday. Hopefully.

So why not go to the 2015 edition of the Never Say Die! Tour? Here are a couple of reasons why you should at least consider going…

The Amity Affliction come all the way from Gympie (which means sneaker in Dutch… ha!) in Australia to pummel your ass into the ground with their take on post-hardcore and are committed ‘to create a fun and exciting atmosphere within the scene’. Or don’t you like fun? Or excitement?

Defeater are hardcore storytellers from Boston. Not sure why I’m writing this. You probably know them and probably like them. Their last album is called “Abandoned”. Feeling abandoned is a complete bummer, so go and give ‘em a hug. Make them feel welcome here.

Cruel Hand have already proven to be way more than just a side-project for some of the dudes in Outbreak. Just give 2014’s “The Negatives” a spin if you need any more convincing.

Also on the bill and ready to destroy you eardrums are Being As An Ocean, Germany’s Burning Down Alaska and christian metalcore outfit Fit For A King. Watching that last band is kinda the same thing as going to church, right? Which means you can stay longer, have a couple more beers and sleep in on Sunday!


06:00pm – 06:30pm     Burning Down Alaska
06:45pm – 07:15pm     Fit For A King
07:30pm – 08:00pm     Cruel Hand
08:15pm – 08:45pm     Being As An Ocean
09:00pm – 09:40pm     Defeater
10:00pm – 11:00pm     The Amity Affliction

Want to buy tickets? You can do so here!