The Maple State share new single 'The Things I Heard At The Party'
Friday, December 8, 2017 - 16:14
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Manchester's The Maple State are extremely pleased to announce their long-overdue return with their new album The Things I Heard At The Party, their first new material in 10 years, set for release in 2018 on Far Out Records.

Commenting on the new song, front man Greg Counsell said: "In 2014 I was listening to a lot of folk music and I became obsessed with harmonics and drones, the idea that a single note can continue through an entire song just fascinated me. 'The Things I Heard At The Party' was my first conscious attempt to write a song with only a single note. I was trying to harness some early punk energy, something akin to The Clash circa '77, but once the other guys got involved the purity of this idea was smoothed over as they added their own take on things.

"My friend and I had recently found ourselves at a Halloween party in a Sloane Square penthouse where the host sat wearing a neck brace at a blackjack table in his dining room. I don't quite remember how we ended up there, partying with the offspring of the global super rich, but it was a lyrical goldmine. I made a note of conversations and the weirder things people said to me. I like the idea that a song that grew out of my desire to write folk music ended up telling the story of people (most probably) diametrically opposed to those ideas."