Mansions shares music video for "Heel Theme"
Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 21:24
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Mansions shared their new music for "Heel Theme," off of their new EP Deserter, their first release in almost four years. Deserter is out now on Bad Timing Records and can be purchased physically and digitally. A quote from songwriter Chris Browder on the music video can be found below.

"I prefer videos that emphasize the feeling of a song, rather than tell some big story or just try to make the band look cool rocking out. When we first talked to the video's director, Henry Holtgeerts, he had this sort of weird idea to take still frames of us singing, and then run it through this crazy algorithm that takes the 2d image and turns it into a 3d model of our face. The result was something that feels like it mirrors the anxiety and unreality of the song, which is exactly what we were going for."