Living Means stream "The Downside" in full
Thursday, April 21, 2016 - 19:55
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Living Means are now streaming their debut EP "The Downside" in full. "The Downside" is available now for pre-order physically an digitally. Highly influenced by 90s alternative, Living Means channel influences from across the rock and alternative spectrum on their new EP.

Living means is a band from Massachusetts that came together after the dissolution of several bands. Long time friends and former band mates Alex and Zach had been on and off making music for years and decided to make it into something real. Living means strives to push the boundaries of rock and 90's inspired alternative by writing the most creative and captivating songs possible while giving them an up to date polished element. Living means is Alex, Zach, Ian and Bob and they are prepared to push this style of music to a place it's never been before.