Laura Jane Grace & the Mississippi Medicals release debut single
Laura Jane Grace & the Mississippi Medicals release debut single
Saturday, June 22, 2024 - 10:27
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Laura Jane Grace & the Mississippi Medicals, the brand new rock quartet fronted by Grace and featuring Matt Patton of Drive-By Truckers (bass), Mikey Erg (drums) and Paris Campbell Grace (vocals, percussion) are excited to announce the band’s debut single, “All Fucked Out.” Born out of an amusing songwriting challenge Grace issued to herself during the pandemic, “All Fucked Out” ushers in yet another new and exciting chapter for the Emmy-nominated artist, author and activist as she calls upon the various talents of these seasoned musicians. Grace had the following to share about “All Fucked Out” and it’s origin:

"Back in 2021, I sat down in my office to do some songwriting. Not knowing what specifically to write about that day, I challenged myself to write a song similar to whatever the current #1 hit in the world was at the time. I made the challenge to myself without knowing exactly what that song was so I had to look it up, and as it turned out at that moment, the current #1 song in the world was ‘Butter’ by BTS. Now, for those of you not familiar with the song ‘Butter’, it's about how the singer is ‘smooth like butter’.

‘Hmmm…’ I thought to myself. ‘If they're smooth like Butter, what am I?’ And the answer to that question is ‘All Fucked Out’ — not to be confused with ‘All Fucked Up’, mind you. ‘All Fucked Out’ as in zero fucks left to give. The song quickly became a staple in my live set and I've taken a couple different previous attempts at recording it, but it wasn't until Me, Matt [Patton], Mikey [Erg] and Paris [Campbell Grace] got together this past December in Water Valley, Mississippi at Matt's Studio, Dial Back Sound, that it all came together and the song was recorded the way it was meant to be heard."

Stay tuned for more music and information on the debut EP from Laura Jane Grace & the Mississippi Medicals being announced in the coming weeks.