Lande Hekt releases new song ‘Everything Ends'
 Lande Hekt releases new song ‘Everything Ends'
Wednesday, November 13, 2019 - 14:29
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With the all too relatable refrain “I want my bed”, Lande Hekt’s newly-released ‘Everything Ends’ was written when she first gave up drinking and felt isolated from social circles because of it. “The best way to make sure you don't drink is to not hang out with anyone who drinks. And everyone drinks,” she explains. “It was a super productive time for me creatively, but my mood suffered.”

The track is the latest to be released from her forthcoming EP ‘Gigantic Disappointment’. A collection of seven songs set for release 15 November, the EP also includes songs about standing up for yourself, confronting a fear of flying and climate change.