Justin Timberlake reveals Chuck Ragan as surprising inspiration for latest album
Sunday, April 1, 2018 - 10:23
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‘Man Of The Woods,’ Justin Timberlake’s recently released fifth album, sees the star behind hits such as ‘Cry Me A River’ and 2016’s ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling!’ teaming up once again with producers Pharrell Williams and Timbaland for more poppy goodness. But this time around the hits come with the ‘moonshine-and-mason-jar glisten of country, blues and folk’ as Rolling Stone put it.

It is something that already becomes noticeable in the album title, which is more than just a reference to the fact that Justin’s last name is made up by stringing the words ‘timber’ and ‘lake’ together. The new album is inspired by Timberlake’s family and upbringing in Tennessee. As such, it marks a return to Timberlake’s roots.

We recently had the chance to do a very, very short interview with Timberlake in which he surprisingly revealed that he also found inspiration in gruff-voiced troubadour and avid outdoorsman,  Chuck Ragan.


PRT: Jeebus, JT, we never thought you’d agree to an interview with a punk rock website.

JT: Well, since I found inspiration in Ragan’s look and style, I thought it’d be interesting to talk to you guys. Wait, you are, aren’t you?


PRT: Sure, sure … we’re whoever you want us to be. When did you first hear Ragan’s tunes?

JT: Oh, he’s a musician?


PRT: Yeah, he sings in Hot Water Music. And he put out a bunch of solo records too.

JT: Hold on … <”The Boat” plays in the background> … Oh, I see. Why is he so angry? What is he shouting about?


PRT: It’s about a boat. I think.

JT: I wish I could sound like that. Sometimes, I’m just really tired of that squeaky Mickey Mouse voice of mine.


PRT: So are we. You should pick up smoking. A lot. And drink whisky.

JT: Gee-wizz, thanks for the advice! Think it will help me grow a beard as well?


PRT: Well, not sure about that but it’ll probably help you to an early grave.

JT: I bet I’d look great with a beard. Maybe then they would have given me the lead in ‘The Revenant’ instead of Leo.


PRT: Sure, dude. Sure.