Join the "Sad Girls Club" with Katie Ellen
Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 19:36
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Philadelphia via Brooklyn band Katie Ellen has released a new track from their upcoming debut LP Cowgirl Blues today. "Sad Girls Club" is a deeply personal song celebrating emotional vulnerability, owning your power and following your truth. The song is one of the band's most affecting, and noticeably resonates with audiences whenever the band plays it live. Singer Anika Pyle reads a powerful manifesto each time before launching into the song, which can be read below. Cowgirl Blues will be released on Lauren Records on July 14, 2017.
The Sad Girls Club is for anyone who is emotional and not sorry for it. It is for anyone who expresses their feelings openly and honestly and refuses to be shamed for it. The Sad Girls Club is for anyone who values empathy, kindness, and vulnerability over oppression, suppression, and aggression. It is especially for those of us raised as girls, expected to sacrifice our needs and desires for the good of the family, the business, the status quo, patronized or deemed hysterical for expressing our emotions, taught from birth that the exhibition of our feelings would hinder our success. It is also for those of us raised as boys, imprisoned by a notion of masculinity that requires us to abandon our feelings, to run from our most vulnerable spaces, to detach from our sensitive selves. It is for those of us raised as boys or girls who feel no connection or allegiance to either, searching for meaning in an archaic system that has historically provided little room for redefinition or revolution. The Sad Girls Club is a space to imagine a world where our capacity to emote or succeed is not directly correlated to our sex assigned at birth, to find courage in vulnerability, to embrace the radical potential of feelings and to invoke the qualities of the feminine in all people so that we might create a kinder, fairer, gentler world where we are not afraid to feel.