John Coffey to release new EP "A House For Thee" on March 11th!
Thursday, February 11, 2016 - 14:08
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With their new EP 'A House For Thee', John Coffey appeals for humanity with regard to the actual refugees-issue in the world. It's no political statement or a solid answer to finalize this crisis, but a whole-hearted effort to focus on the people that are suffering, rather than a sentimental debate. "We don't want to criticise politicians or international organizations, but we want to let our heart speak: fellow human beings need proper help and a more human life. We raise our voice for humanity!"
The sketches of the artwork have been drawn by Olf de Bruin. These pictures represents human beings as hermit crabs; some with a shell, some without.
'A House for Thee' has been recorded and produced by Kurt Ballou (guitarist of Converge). He worked before with artists like Every Time I Die, Modern Life is War, Code Orange and Kvelertak.
John Coffey recorded all new tracks in one week time with Kurt in his God City Studio in Salem, Massachusetss. "We wanted to work with Kurt for a long time. These songs and their themes asked for a harder and darker sound than our previous recordings. And it worked out: these are the hardest and rough John Coffey-songs ever."

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