Jetlag Jenny release new single 'Killing Me'
Jetlag Jenny release new single 'Killing Me'
Friday, June 18, 2021 - 08:54
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Dutch poppunk band Jetlag Jenny is back with new single 'Killing Me'. They first burst onto the local scene in 2019 with their debut EP "Look Out".  A few more singles followed, a bunch of shows, exclusive premieres on radio - a well received release party at legendary venue "Hedon" in Zwolle, The Netherlands - and then the band split up. 

Frontman, singer & guitarist Davic Roest was left without a band, but the fire was still there. He found Herman Nijkamp (Bass), Marcel Medema (Drums) and temporary guitar player Aart de Gier. The band quickly started writing and ended up with a pile of new songs. Typical Jetlag Jenny, but fresher and catchier.