Jesse Lacey streams cover of R.E.M.'s "Bad Day"
Thursday, March 3, 2016 - 20:08
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Jesse Lacey (of Brand New) is now streaming his cover of R.E.M.'s "Bad Day". The cover comes off of Devinyl Splits No. 6, his upcoming split with Kevin Devine. Pre-orders for the split are available now via Bad Timing Records. Devinyl Splits No. 6 is the final split in the first Devinyl Splits series. It features both covering songs by R.E.M, with Lacey tackling "Bad Day" and Devine "Imitation Of Life."

Here’s what Kevin Devine has to say about the split:

"R.E.M. is an all-time favorite, a blueprint band, open-hearted & mysterious, slanted, iconic, quintessentially American.  They’re the first concert I ever saw - 1994, Monster tour, Nassau Coliseum - where, 15 years later, we’d open for Brand New, a very cool moment for us that was obviously way-cooler moment for them.  I like that both of us chose great 2000s songs for the split & not halcyon days highlights (although I guess “Bad Day” gets an asterisk as it was kicking around unfinished/released since the late 80s).  I think Jesse’s cover is super appealing, faithfully his own, and reveals the melodic/structural/stylistic traces of R.E.M. I’ve always heard in certain bits of what Brand New does.  It’s also particularly appropriate lyrically given our current what-the-fuck-is-happening political disaster-in-the-making.  "Broadcast me a joyful noise” - amen, amen, amen."