Jack The Envious released debut single "More To Life"
Wednesday, January 6, 2016 - 18:02
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Jack The Envious was formed in 2012 by Nir Perlman (Lead singer), Guy Avnon (Guitar) and Shalev Grados (Guitar). At that time the band only wrote songs on the weekends when they returned home from the army. During their military service they met Guy Checkarov (Bass) who later joined and completed the band as a four piece (Shalev was the band's drummer at the time). Eventually Itay Shatz (Drums) joined the band as the official drummer.

During their military service (2011-2014), Jack The Envious focused mainly on performing and writing songs whenever they could, wherever they could, struggling to mix both army and band life together.
When the band members finished their military service in November 2014 they already had more than a few songs they wanted to record so they started working on their first independent album ''Pull You Down'', which is set to be released early 2016

Here's the video for the debut single, "More To Life".