Hurry share new song 'Where You Go, I Go'
Hurry share new song 'Where You Go, I Go'
Friday, June 4, 2021 - 11:11
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Philadelphia, PA's power pop outfit Hurry, are releasing their fourth full-length, Fake Ideas, on June 25th from Lame-O Records, and have shared one more early glimpse of the record with their third single "Where You Go, I Go."

Fake Ideas is part of the longstanding power pop tradition of using jangly guitars, unabashed hooks, and warm harmonies to explore something deeper. The album merges timeless, longing guitar pop with vocalist/guitarist Matt Scottoline's honest observations about navigating a recently diagnosed anxiety disorder. "Where You Go, I Go" taps into this dynamic with wistful verses and a fuzz-drenched chorus that listeners are sure to be humming long after the song is done.