Hundredth stream "Suffer"
Friday, May 19, 2017 - 15:15
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Hundredth have revealed a third new track from forthcoming album 'RARE'. 'Suffer' is the latest indicator of the band's new direction.
Before they created 'RARE', Hundredth were beginning to feel the walls of their sound and scene tightening around them. The band had nothing left to give hardcore and the time had come to evolve or end. Faced with this challenge Hundredth chose to do what they do best: be themselves, no matter what that sounds like. They dove headfirst into reinvention.
'RARE' is a fearless album of lushly dense shoegaze and post-punk. Dense walls of rolling distortion collide with crisp drums or melt into subdued atmospherics, all while vocalist Chadwick Johnson's reverb-drenched vocals float overtop, more dynamic and cathartic than his past screams. Even Johnson's lyrics seem to follow more esoteric paths, touching on reclusion and a desire to escape, nodding to the creative and social isolation felt within the band's now past life.
'RARE' is due out June 16th via Hopeless Records.