Hot Water Music share new single 'Lock Up'
Hot Water Music share new single 'Lock Up'
Friday, February 18, 2022 - 17:55
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Hot Water Music are excited to present “Lock Up,” the newest single to be lifted from the Friday, March 18 release of the band’s brand new studio album, Feel The Void.

Recalling an old European tour memory, vocalist/guitarist Chris Wollard remembers the demeanor of members of his touring party being one of extreme mental and physical exhaustion. Finding it within themselves to carry on, “Lock Up” reveals this continued need to persevere in all aspects of life during those moments when it becomes the most challenging. “The pressure is immense to keep moving forward no matter what, so you have to develop a sort of tunnel vision and just try not to think about it,” Wollard says. “But there will be a point, no doubt about it, where you feel yourself slipping. Total exhaustion and delirium set in. I think we have all hit that wall in our band at different points. And like I said, it’s a very difficult place to be.”