Guardrail debuts video for new single 'Silhouette'
Guardrail debuts video for new single 'Silhouette'
Saturday, July 1, 2023 - 12:59
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Chicago diet punk band Guardrail has shared another song off of their forthcoming album, 'Content,' with their new single “Silhouette”. The album, which also features recent single “Joke’s On Me”, is set to be released on July 7th via Open Your Ears Records.

The band shares: “’Silhouette’ was the last track written for the album. The main riff came from an inside joke that we ended up building a song around. It’s also the first ‘love song’ we’ve ever done, a different change of pace from our usual doom-and-gloom lyrics.”

Guardrail is a band from Chicago, IL consisting of Kevin Andrew (vocals), Ken Ugel (guitar), Alyssa Laessig (bass, vocals), Doug Brand (drums) and Xack Brame (guitar). The band initially began calling themselves "diet punk" as a joke, but eventually they started to own it. They're not exactly “punk” in the traditional sense, though it’s their biggest influence. They're just here to sing happy songs about not-so-happy things, marinated in Jeppson's Malört and positive energy.