Gone Stereo unveil new single 'I'm So Sick'
Gone Stereo unveil new single 'I'm So Sick'
Monday, September 25, 2023 - 18:10
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Long Island has long been a breeding ground for pop punk bands that stand the test of time. Enter 5-piece Gone Stereo, who return with a powerhouse sophomore release on Negative Progression Records. The band's new single, “I’m So Sick,” is another classic, early 2000s pop-punk, sing-a-long anthem that builds on their previous “Don’t Think I Forgot About You” single. Fans of MxPx, The Ataris or Allister will enjoy the same energy, attitude, and hook-driven catchiness as their debut single “Don’t Think I Forgot About You,” which got spins regularly for three months last fall on SiriusXM's Faction Punk.

Singer Matty Lupinacci says, "'I’m So Sick' expresses disappointment and resentment. That frustrating feeling of being stuck inside a never-ending cycle. I used to write a lot about my past and about relationships. While writing these lyrics, I was imagining a time when I will be able to move forward and leave the past behind; because I’m just so sick of it all. Despite that, I’m glad to be sharing my thoughts though these songs.”

The sophomore release by the Long Island, NY pop-punk quintet was recorded by John Naclerio (Knuckle Punk, Real Friends, Bayside) and mixed by Chris Badami (The Starting Line, The Early November).